The Holiday Dress Giveaway! Dress #1

The Holiday Dress Giveaway is here! Yay! Every week until mid-December, I’m giving you a chance to win your holiday dress! Yes, I am a festive holiday-loving person! This week, this dress is courtesy of ME! I was shopping at Ross (one of my bargainsita faves) for a dress to wear on New Year’s Eve and I saw this beauty below!

It’s an R&M Richards (size 24 only!) and it retails for $79, but Ross is selling it for $29. They didn’t have my size (boo!), but I couldn’t let it go. I felt that someone …

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The Art of Jewelry I

By Posted on 5

When do you consider jewelry to be a piece of art? Does it have to stand out? Make a statement? Catch every passerby’s attention? When I wear a piece of jewelry I would like it to do all of the above. Sometimes, I’m not so brave. But, I’m about to change that. I will now be on the lookout for those special pieces. Here are a few that have made the cut. Most are designer and are out of my price range, but I can sure use them as inspiration. Which one is your fave?

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Beauty Review & Giveaway: Johnson’s Baby Oil Body Wash

Would you like to smell as fresh as a baby’s bottom? I do! That’s why I jumped at the chance to review Johnson’s Baby Oil Body Wash. Who wouldn’t want to try a trusted product like this? And you don’t have to be a baby to use it.

Product Info: Johnson’s Baby Oil Body Wash-retails at $3.99 for 13.5 oz

Product Claim: Cleans and helps hydrate dry skin leaving it feeling baby soft. Formulated with Johnson’s Baby Oil to leave skin feeling moisturized all day long. …

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A Weekend of Friends & Fashion

By Posted on 7

 Whew! It’s Monday and I’m exhausted! Seriously! These girls (Reah, Denise, Marie, and Dawn) wore me out! LOL…well regardless I had an amazing weekend.

It all started with my friend Dawn coming over. We spent ALL day Saturday shopping. But, I didn’t really buy anything because the selection for curvy girls…well…there really wasn’t a selection.

I hate to complain, but this was just plain sad. Me…in a mall…and I only bought one thing? You might have read my tweets, but in case …

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New & Improved La Grande Dame Web Site!

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La Grande Dame is officially launching their newly designed web site tomorrow, Tuesday November 16th!

“The new site isn’t just beautiful, it is easy to use.  Plus, we have designed it to make shopping for plus size clothing easier.  Shoppers can learn about the various body types and then shop for styles that will fit them!.”  Said La Grande Dame Co-founder Michelle Wood.

To celebrate the redesign, from November 16th-23rd, La Grande Dame is giving everyone 20% off …

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Curves and Chaos 2010 Survey Results: Part 2

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What do you take into consideration FIRST when purchasing clothing?







Designer Label




When viewing plus-size retailer’s/designers advertisements, what makes you want to shop with them?

The models they use.


The way the clothes fit on the models.


Their use of “real” women in ads.


The sale or promotion in the ad.


Ads don’t affect me.


Name the #1 reason you continue to shop at your favorite retailer?

The staff.


The …

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OOTD: Plaid, Cheap, and Easy?

By Posted on 7

Oh Target…this is another reason I love you!

I picked up this Converse One Star plaid dress for only $7 on clearance! I will admit it’s around two sizes too big, but nothing a little alteration won’t take care of. Besides if you just tie the strings in the back really tight, you can’t even tell.

This is the first plaid item I’ve bought for myself this season, I didn’t think I’d like it, but I love this dress!! It’s very comfortable and I love the military style brass buttons.

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