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Pinspiration | Last-Minute DIY Halloween Costumes

In case you blinked, it’s almost Halloween. I can’t believe how fast this year has gone. One minute it’s all about summer vacay and now you have to hurry up and put together a costume at the last-minute. Unless you’re one of those people who plans their look months in advance. FYI…I’m not that person.

I do love dressing up for Halloween, but I usually decide what I’m going to be a week or two before the creepy night. This year I decided on a DIY Halloween project. After hitting up a few costume shops, craft stores, borrowing …

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Halloween Time is the Best Time

Sponsored by Kmart.

The decision to get dressed up for Halloween shouldn’t be a difficult one. When asked, the answer should always be “Yes!” I mean, why not? There’s no reason we should miss out on the fun. Did you know, according to Kmart, more than 67% of American’s believe that Halloween isn’t just for kids? And this year it lands on a Saturday—that’s even more reason to dress up and join the spookiness!

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Style Inspired / Halloween

I can smell Halloween in the air. Can you? It smells like a mixture of pumpkins, gouls, and goblins. I admit that normally, I love to wear black. But, when this time of the year rolls around, that’s ALL I want to wear. The scariest night of the year, is really inspiring. Especially in the style department. I was looking around today and found some favorites of course. And you know I had to share them with you. Which of these are you craving for your Halloween style?

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20 Plus Size Halloween Costumes that Won’t Leave You Exposed

Whenever October rolls around, I’m always curious to see what plus size Halloween costumes will be popular. It’s usually “Sexy Police Officer” or “Sexy Nurse” that seems to get the most attention. I even saw a “Sexy Raccoon” costume today. I wish I was joking. Anyways, I’m not afraid to admit that I’m sooooo over sexy costumes that leave me freezing on Halloween night. So, I kind of went on a little hunt and found 20 plus size Halloween costumes that won’t leave you feeling exposed.

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DIY Plus-Size Halloween Costume / Marilyn Monroe

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Halloween is only a few days away! If you’re scrambling for last minute costume ideas, why not consider dressing up as Marilyn Monroe? I started thinking of glamorous Hollywood actresses and she immediately came to mind. Why wouldn’t she? She’s as iconic as they come! I found a really great makeup tutorial, that will help you create her trademark beauty look. And I even found a few pieces to help inspire an outfit from the 1950’s.

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DIY Plus-Size Halloween Costume / Frida Kahlo

I’ve always been curious about the life of the late Mexican artist Frida Kahlo. Then last year, I was invited to an exhibit of her photos and the curiousity turned into inspiration. To say this woman lived an interesting life is an understatement. It’s no wonder so many people are inspired by her art and her lifestyle. I decided this DIY plus-size halloween costume idea would be one influenced by this photo of Frida.

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DIY Plus-Size Halloween Costume / Zombie Prom Queen

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Halloween is right around the corner my loves! Are you ready? I’m guessing a majority of you aren’t. I assume that, because I’m not. Well, after the Mary Poppins costume idea, I have a really easy DIY plus-size Halloween costume idea for you! I created this costume a few years ago and it was really inexpensive and fun. And you can add your own level of personality and creativity to it! How would you like to become a Zombie Prom Queen?

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