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St. Jude — Finding cures. Saving children.

I’m a St. Jude Blogger Ambassador.

I love hearing my mom and dad tell stories about me when I was little. I was an independent, animal loving, cartoon watching, and Cabbage Patch holding kind of kid. Always smiling and playing with my cousins, I guess you can say I was a typical child. Although, my mom might say otherwise. Like all kids, I didn’t have a care in the world, other than to be a kid. This is all I could think about on my recent tour of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital …

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Gratefully 40

I’ve started this post a dozen times so far. Only to erase every word and start all over again. Maybe I was waiting for my lightbulb moment or some kind of epiphany. Wasn’t I supposed to wake up more confident? Where’s all that knowledge they talk about?

I used to wonder why everyone freaked out about turning 40. Often described as the “Big 4-Oh” or being “Over the Hill”—I guess it is kind of a big deal. Never mind the birthday parties where everything is decorated in black and tombstones are used as props. Why should turning 40 …

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The Strength of a Woman

By Posted on 2

“Do you want to cut the umbilical cord?” I stood there with my mouth hanging open. “Ummmmmm, sure?” The nurse handed me a pair of scissors. Snip…snip…snip. Did that just happen? Did I just cut my nephew’s umbilical cord? Whoa.

You should know that I have never witnessed a live birth. I may have seen one on video once as a teenager, but after 30 seconds of footage I covered my eyes. At this moment, I stood there holding my sister-in-law’s hand, helping her breathe, and praying with her through the contractions. I was instantly in awe of …

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Living a Bold Life—My Way

Sponsored by J.M. Smucker company.

If you would’ve asked me five years ago if I was living a bold life, I’m not sure I would’ve been able to answer you truthfully. Maybe because I wasn’t. I had just been diagnosed with anxiety and fear ruled my life. There were no courageous moments and I definitely wasn’t taking any daring chances. It was a dark time and one I’m not ashamed to talk about.

Over the years, I’ve continued to battle my anxiety. And I probably will for the rest of my life. But, I’m happy to …

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Everything Happens for a Reason

By Posted on 2

You’ve heard this saying before right? Everything happens for a reason. And because we’ve heard it said over and over so many times, we might dismiss the meaning behind it. Well, I’ve been a true believer in this since I can remember. Yes, even the bad stuff. I feel that in my life, nothing has ever been accidental.

As I’m sitting here typing this, I’m in the middle of brainstorming an idea. One that I’ve honestly had brewing for a while. Just to get this ball moving has done wonders for me. Especially since this chick has been …

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Losing Friends and Gaining Perspective

It feels a little strange writing about something like this at my age. I thought I’d have most of this friend stuff figured out at this point. I guess I was wrong. I’m 39-years-old and it turns out I’m still being schooled about who is a “real” friend and who isn’t.

When I think about fake friends, I have this flashback from when I was in high school. I had this group of girl friend’s and all we did was gossip and talk about boys—you know the usual. But, when the conversation turned into something they didn’t want …

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When Life Decides to Shift

By Posted on 2

I’m having a major self-realization moment right now. It’s like I can feel my life shifting around, if that makes sense. Yes, it’s because I’m getting older and hopefully wiser. All I want, more than anything, is to live a kinder, balanced, and happier life. It sounds a lot easier than it has been.

For the past few months I have been struggling with my inner self. It has nothing to do with welcoming in the new year either. In 2015, I made some changes here and what kind of content I would be sharing with all of …

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My Favorite Blog Posts of 2015

By Posted on 0

When I look back on this past year, I can’t help but really reflect on my personal growth. Where have I been as a person? What have I learned? How will I use that to better my life? Turns out, 2015 has been a year unlike any other. I’ve learned a few things and started a journey or two. And like the blogger I am, I decided to share with you on this blog—through a few personal posts.

I went through my blog archives and pulled out seven posts that stood out to me. I can remember what …

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