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Celebrating Quinces & Friendships with Toyota

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Stop what you’re doing and just imagine being 15-years-old again. Could you last 24 entire hours of that teenage, emo, and acne-filled life? I kind of freaked out for a second just thinking about it. I immediately think about how I didn’t have a quinceneara and how boy obsessed I was. Oh, the good old days. Well, I’m a grown woman now and I get invited on fun trips with my amigas and celebrate the quince of others like the Toyota Camry.

Yes, you read that right. I grabbed …

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5 Pieces of Car Shopping Advice

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Sponsored by Kia.

There’s just something about shopping for a new car that’s exciting, but also a little terrifying. Believe me, I know. I’m lucky, because I get to do a lot of blogger stuff with car brands, my inner car lover is always very happy about that by the way. Like the Kia Ride and Drive at Six Flags Magic Mountain recently. That was fun. But, being surrounded by new cars always gets me thinking about how shopping for that perfect vehicle might give a few people anxiety. That’s why I wanted to …

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