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Beauty Buzz: Estee Lauder’s Advanced Time Zone

By Posted on 0

If I had to choose one thing I love about Estee Lauder’s skin care, it has to be the fact that they realize we are women of all ages, skin types, and ethnicities. In fact, they base their research on it. I agree with you if you’re saying that this just makes sense. Beauty Buzz introduces Estee Lauder’s new Advanced Time Zone, an age reversing line/wrinkle collection.

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My (Casual) Super Bowl Outfit Ideas

I love the smell of football in the air. If you didn’t already know I’m a huge sports fan. Nevermind the fact that my Denver Broncos didn’t make it. I don’t want to talk about it. Moving on…tomorrow is the “everything” of football-the Super Bowl. The Baltimore Ravens will take on the San Francisco 49ers, but here’s the important question…what are you going to wear?

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10 Curve-Hugging Dresses

By Posted on 9

Sometimes we’re in the mood to wear  dresses that hug our curves. One that makes you feel sexy and confident. Yes, we know it’s just a dress and sexy can mean/be a lot of things. But, for right now, it’s going to be about a dress thank you very much. And with a certain “day of love” coming up, you may be looking for that killer dress.

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My Denim Dilemma

By Posted on 17

Yes…you read that correctly…I have a denim dilemma. I just can’t seem to find that perfect pair of jeans. It’s so annoying because, I love wearing denim. In fact, I’m pretty sure I’m wearing it in about 90% of my outfit posts.

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