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20 Cat T-shirts Purrrrrfect for CatCon

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I’ll never forget my very first cat.  She was a beautiful Siamese stray who wandered into our lives. Her name was Kitty. Creative—I know. Then there was Snowy, Tinkerbell, Scoundrel, and Meowy. All strays we couldn’t have been happier to take in. Today, I’m a cat mom to rescues who are basically my everything. Yes, I am that proud cat lady who will bask in all of the glory that is CatCon.

Now in it’s third year, CatCon is the biggest cat related convention in the world. It will take place August 12-13, 2017 in …

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5 Reasons You Need to Be at CatConLA

I will say this loud and proud. Yes, I am a bonafide proud cat lady. Ever since I was a little girl, cats have been a part of my life. My first fur baby was named Kitty and he was a beautiful Siamese. Today, I’m a proud cat mom to Kiki (14), Stinker (8), and Snow (1)—all rescues. I know you have a stereotypical image in your head of what cat people look and act like. But, just go ahead and scratch that from your brain right now. Cat parents come in all shapes, sizes, colors, backgrounds, and lifestyles. If …

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