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Spreading Holiday Cheer with Lane Bryant (Closed)

I’ll never forget the holidays as a kid. I swear it took Santa forever to deliver our gifts and for my Grandma Lucy to get home from midnight mass. Once she walked in the house, we impatiently waited for her to give us the OK to start opening our gifts. And one by one we would tear them open…one…by…one. Do you know how antagonizing that is as a kid? And to make matters worse we always had at least 20 to 30 family members on hand. It was one of the freaking longest nights of my life.

As …

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Holiday Giveaway | Lane Bryant Gift Card (Closed)

Who’s stressing out a little bit on finding the perfect gear to ring in 2017? I know…I know. I started thinking about it and I wanted to take some of that stress away. For this I enlisted the help of one of my favorites—Lane Bryant of course! They’re helping to spread the holiday cheer with at $100 Lane Bryant gift card.

Grab some hot cocoa and take a look at their Party Essentials section. Not going to lie, it’s the page I’ve been stalking the most on their website. No matter what your …

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Underwear Any Woman Could Feel Comfortable In | TomboyX (Closed)

True story. Growing up, my mom made me wear pink and enrolled me in ballet, baton twirling, cheerleading, and tap dancing. Not that there’s anything wrong with any of those, but I was not about that life. I wanted to play soccer and baseball like my little brother. It wasn’t until I was in high school, when I finally convinced her to let me play softball, volleyball, and soccer. Bless her soul, but she couldn’t grasp my fashion choices either. I wanted to wear black all of the time and baggier clothes like my brother’s Levi’s, but she wasn’t having …

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