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Spreading Holiday Cheer with Lane Bryant (Closed)

I’ll never forget the holidays as a kid. I swear it took Santa forever to deliver our gifts and for my Grandma Lucy to get home from midnight mass. Once she walked in the house, we impatiently waited for her to give us the OK to start opening our gifts. And one by one we would tear them open…one…by…one. Do you know how antagonizing that is as a kid? And to make matters worse we always had at least 20 to 30 family members on hand. It was one of the freaking longest nights of my life.

As …

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Holiday Style Inspiration | Part I

Are you struggling with outfit ideas this holiday season? Believe me, you’re not alone. It’s a constant and real struggle for me…as I blankly stare into my closet. So, as I was strolling through my Instagram feed this morning, I saw that some of the stylish ladies I follow were already rocking some amazing holiday looks. They offered up some much needed inspiration. That’s also when I got the bright idea to share them with you here. If you aren’t already following them…please do!

Yes, all of the looks below contain velvet, sequins, or shimmer. Those are my …

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Tis’ the Season to Sparkle

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I may have a thing for sequins and all things that shine. And as the holidays get closer and closer, I just know that all I’m going to want to wear is something that sparkles. There’s nothing wrong with that right? I was wandering around Shopbop, cause there’s a SALE guys, and I was inspired to gather up a few things that caught my eye. I even ran over and found a few plus size favorites that could definitely rock my holidays…in only the best way possible. Which of my picks below are your favorites?

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My Tips / Dressing for the Holidays

My favorite time of the year is finally here! Yes, I’m that person. I love the holiday season so much and everything that comes along with it. I’m all about the spirit of giving, holiday cheer, and the super festive decorations. And I especially love all of the holiday parties and events I get to go to. I know we can sometimes stress about what we’re going to wear, so I put together five tips for dressing for the holidays.

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5 Reasons to Start Your Holiday Shopping Early / Giveaway (Closed)

This post is sponsored by Kmart.
I know you’re screaming…”But it’s not even Halloween yet!” and “Why? Why did you have to bring it up?” Believe me, I totally get it. It’s early for a lot of you. You don’t even want to start thinking about the holidays. But, bear with me. I’ve teamed up with Kmart again to bring you 5 reasons why you should start your holiday shopping early—like right now. Here’s a spoiler. One of those reasons includes their No Money Down Layaway (yes, layaway is available online too). …

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5 Days of Cheer Holiday Giveaway: Mary Kay (closed)

I can’t believe we’re on the final day of the 5 Days of Cheer Holiday Giveaway! You can check out Day 1 here, Day 2 here, Day 3 here, and Day 4 here. Wow! Thank you so much to those of you who’ve already entered the other days. I can’t wait to choose the winners. I wish you could all win, but unfortunately that’s a tiny bit impossible. LOL! So, this last holiday giveaway is courtesy of Mary Kay.

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Get Your Holiday Beauty Look Together with Neutrogena (Video)

I received compensation to host a Twitter party with Latina Bloggers Connect and Neutrogena. However, I was not compensated to share or participate in the Neutrogena Holiday Beauty video. All opinions are my own.

Forgive me as I continue to bask in all that is the holidays here on my blog. This includes the beauty side of things. And with a few holiday parties (including a Neutrogena Twitter Party) on my agenda this week, I’m thinking I have to get my holiday beauty look together. One that’s bright and cheery, of course. 

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