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A New York Minute

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Born with wanderlust in my blood, traveling gives me a freedom to be who I truly am. No it’s not perfect. In a world of delays and constraints, I don’t always get to do what I want. But sometimes, I get lucky and get invited to some pretty cool experiences. Sometimes they land me in New York City—one of my favorite urban hangouts. Even if it’s only for a few days…AKA a New York minute.

My latest NYC excursion was courtesy of Kia. They sent me out to the New York Auto Show to take a peek at …

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Shoe Fever Exclusive: Inside Nina Shoes Part III

Hello shoe lovers! This is the last part of my Nina Shoes exclusive. The entire experience was awesome, but I have to say this stood out the most…the archive collection. The archive room was like a shoe museum. As you’ll see below, there is a lot of history with this company that all started in 1953. As fashion changed so did the styles and colors. 

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My Favorite FFFWeek Runway Photos

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Phew!! I’ve finally uploaded all of my Full Figured Fashion Week photos to the Curves and Chaos Facebook page! View them here. It felt like it took forever, but it was sooooo worth it! I rediscovered my love for photography and can’t wait to start taking a few classes and investing in equipment. Watching these models walk down the runway, I was so inspired to capture every moment. I’ve gathered a few of my favorite runway images below. 

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Full Figured Fashion Week Here I Come!

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image via microsoft clip art

Hello my loves! The countdown to Full Figured Fashion Week (FFFWeek) is almost complete. Tomorrow I will be in New York City! It feels so awesome to say that. I will be surrounded by fashionistas in one of my favorite cities. I’m looking forward to so much while I’m there, I don’t even know where to start.

If you couldn’t make it this year (which sucks by the way), then you can follow me on Twitter via @CurvesandChaos where I’ll be tweeting the …

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Full Figured Fashion Week Countdown…18 Days!!

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I seriously CAN NOT believe that Full Figured Fashion Week is only 18 days away!! Did I mention that I am completely not ready? Yes, I’m part of The Fashion Front and I’m unprepared. Wow…it just hit me!

If you’re realizing what I’m realizing then you’re probably panicking like I am.

Do you have your tickets to some of the hottest events??? Go here…

Did you see who will be rocking the runway??? Go here…

Have you booked your hotel???

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