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2018: The Year of Acceptance

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Oh 2017, where do I even start?

It seems like every time I think about you, I just want to start shaking my head in disbelief (while simultaneously yelling obscenities). I should’ve known you were going to be a crappy year. Considering I ended up in the emergency room on New Year’s Day. That should’ve been the first sign. But no, I had some hope in you. Maybe things would get better? Not so much. After several ugly bouts of anxiety and depression, which I haven’t felt this bad since 2008, I honestly didn’t know what to make …

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Gratefully 40

I’ve started this post a dozen times so far. Only to erase every word and start all over again. Maybe I was waiting for my lightbulb moment or some kind of epiphany. Wasn’t I supposed to wake up more confident? Where’s all that knowledge they talk about?

I used to wonder why everyone freaked out about turning 40. Often described as the “Big 4-Oh” or being “Over the Hill”—I guess it is kind of a big deal. Never mind the birthday parties where everything is decorated in black and tombstones are used as props. Why should turning 40 …

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What I’ve Learned in 10 Years of Marriage

Growing up, I never wanted to get married. All I wanted to do was travel the world as a photojournalist. Hopping from country to country with no obligations to anyone. That was the dream. Then as a teenager, I saw the inevitable happen between my parents. I always knew deep down inside that they would be divorced one day. And sure enough, it happened as they neared their 20th wedding anniversary. This solidified it for me and I continued to vow to myself that I would never ever get married. That was until I met him.

I fought …

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Living with Anxiety: How I Cope

My heart races, it gets harder for me to breathe, my stomach is twisting and turning, fear and doubt are attacking me from every direction possible, and I’m scared it will never stop. This is only part of what I deal with when my anxiety hits and I know I’m not alone. For some odd reason (sarcastically typing), my anxiety has been above and beyond the worst I’ve experienced in a really long time. And like most of you who deal with it on a daily basis, I just want to curl up into a ball, pass out or cry, …

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The Strength of a Woman

By Posted on 2

“Do you want to cut the umbilical cord?” I stood there with my mouth hanging open. “Ummmmmm, sure?” The nurse handed me a pair of scissors. Snip…snip…snip. Did that just happen? Did I just cut my nephew’s umbilical cord? Whoa.

You should know that I have never witnessed a live birth. I may have seen one on video once as a teenager, but after 30 seconds of footage I covered my eyes. At this moment, I stood there holding my sister-in-law’s hand, helping her breathe, and praying with her through the contractions. I was instantly in awe of …

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Losing Friends and Gaining Perspective

It feels a little strange writing about something like this at my age. I thought I’d have most of this friend stuff figured out at this point. I guess I was wrong. I’m 39-years-old and it turns out I’m still being schooled about who is a “real” friend and who isn’t.

When I think about fake friends, I have this flashback from when I was in high school. I had this group of girl friend’s and all we did was gossip and talk about boys—you know the usual. But, when the conversation turned into something they didn’t want …

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I Am #WomenInspired

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This is part of a sponsored collaboration with Prudential and DiMe Media. However, all opinions expressed are my own.

I grew up in a home where my dad was the key provider. My mom worked, but she didn’t bring in what my dad did. And although we lived paycheck to paycheck, we had everything we needed. My parents worked their butts off to make sure we had the basic necessities. I appreciated that more than they’ll ever know. They never spoke about finances in front of us or taught us about …

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*Giveaway* A Mother’s Style and Influence (Closed)

Sponsored by Gwynnie Bee.

When it comes to my mom and personal style where do I even begin? I’ve written about her before (and even my abuelita) and how her dressing me as a kid taught me about fashion. I mean…she styled me for the first 18 years of my life—and I practically fought her every step of the way. But, that doesn’t mean I didn’t admire the way she dressed. She has and will always be my style inspiration. In fact, when I chose this …

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